• Indiana University (Bloomington, IN)
  • Ph.D. project (primary designer)


Problem: We wanted to learn about people’s emotion of Internet videos/animation. We wanted an application that could allow users to select a video from a selection of videos and record their emotional experience in 4 different ways.


  • I sketched some initial ideas
  • I created a wireframe/storyboard to show the flow of the application
  • Download a wide range of videos from YouTube from various categories
  • Created a digital prototype to collect data based on the storyboard



These are two steps in a multi-step exercise blending task flows with wireframes. The top image demonstrates the evolution in terms of the overall flow and change in overall screens.


The tool worked as follows:

  • Users logged in (they could finish at another time).
  • Users recorded their initial emotional state.
  • They selected and watched a video, recording their emotional state after, rating, and creating a photomontage based on their emotional state.
  • After 6 videos, users filled out a survey.


This is a screenshot of the application. You can try it yourself below using the username “test” and password “test.”

Click here to see the working wireframe. (Be aware all videos play Numa Numa video. Please allow 1-2 minutes for the application to load.)

Outcomes: The prototype was completed, and I helped used the tool for initial data collection.


Dates: Dec 2006-Jul 2007

UX Design Methods: Sketching, Storyboarding and wireframing, Task flows, Prototyping, Visual design

My Roles: Design, Writing, Programming, Artistry