Hazmat: Control & Contain


  • Information in Place (Bloomington, IN)
  • Company is now called Wisdom Tools
  • Designer


Problem: For this serious game, I was brought into to establish requirements for the project and establish a design to be sent to Virtual Heroes to develop. There already existed a national course for first responders on this topic, but Information in Place wanted to create this serious game to be integrated into that and other similar courses for first responders (e.g., factory/industrial workers who first find the release).


  • Research chemical compounds & containers, placards, and containment and cleanup procedures for hazardous materials.
  • Analyze national course for training procedures and learning objectives.
  • Create excel documents structuring how the game interacts under certain circumstances.
  • Create scenario based, conceptual paper prototype.
  • Run participant through the scenario, identifying usability problems and areas for improvement in learning and engagement.


Design document presentation outlining large scale game to be built in partnership with Virtual Heroes.

Solution: The large scale game was not pursued, but I was asked to help design a Flash based version of the game based on the research and early design work. I created a Paper Prototype version of the game confronting the player with five distinct Hazmat scenarios they need to respond to. I also ran a usability test on this paper prototype. Once we learned what aspects worked well and what needed to be incorporated, the game was designed into a Flash based serious game.


Interactive Flash prototype based on the five scenarios created.

Click here to visit the game’s website

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Feedback from environment based on tools used (excel)

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Outcomes: Flash game is currently for sale through Wisdom Tools’ website.


Dates of Project: October 2006-August 2007

UX Methods Used: Subject matter research, Task analysis, Design specifications, Scenarios, Paper Prototype, Usability Testing

My Roles: Design, Research