Point Spring & Driveshaft Website Redesign


  • Point Spring & Driveshaft Co. (Neville Island, PA)
  • Consultant
Point Spring & Driveshaft website


Problem: Website needed a new look & feel, a more complete offering of services, and an overhaul of the product search and checkout process.



Screenshots of current company home page—middle section of website is abridged—and eCommerce system with blurred pricing and availability.

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  • Conducted survey to learn more about typical users of this website, e.g. their needs, features of the website to focus on, and how best to use technology to promote a healthy customer-supplier relationship.

  • Conducted Google Analytics review of current website.
  • Conducted secondary research from others on customers in this industry.

  • Generated customer work flow from research.
  • Sketched 4 alternative versions of home page layout.

  • Created wireframes of home page, search, shopping cart, and checkout in Illustrator and imported into interactive Flash prototype (incorporating changes proposed to sketches by client).


Two different alternatives for website designs including home page (and on first sketch) the top of the rest of the pages.




Sample annotated wireframes for the locations overview page, a blog article template, and a help center page.

Solution: The design included all of the original content, but also includes a new page documenting services provided by the company, expanded (though relocated) section describing the company, expanded section to contact Point Spring and get help, and a revamped, open-access online store. An additional element of a fleet management system was well-received by the customer and is being incorporated into the final design.

As for page layout, I opened the space up more by using horizontal rows of content instead of sneaking everything into boxes as the original website has done. On subsequent pages, I have used a primary content area/modeless dialog box relationship to layout content.

Visual sitemap generated for website.

Page architecture for website

Interactive prototype of website. Functional pages include home page, air brakes category page under products, search, services, cart, and checkout.

Click here to try the prototype

Outcomes: Fully functional front end for website redesign. Completed December 2015, still being applied to website by other back end web developers as of August 2016.

All aspects of this responsive system represented including login and registration, product listing, purchasing, blogging, and corporate description.

* You can click through other aspects of the homepage, but links to page types are provided below.*


Dates of Project: July 2014-December 2015

UX Methods Used: Survey, Work Flow Analysis, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping

My Roles: Development, Design, Research