• NCR Corporation (Alpharetta, GA)
  • UX Architect


Problem: Stratus was a reboot for a 20 year old Venues (Stadiums, Arenas, Ampitheaters, Convention Centers, Zoos, Theme Parks) product. The legacy product growing in relation to client requests has grown to the point of needing a new strategy and UX architecture to be used effectively.

IMG_1058.JPGCollaborative user flow created by developers, product management, and UX. Validated with product stakeholders

IMG_1450.JPGScreen sketching on whiteboard with product management. Focused specifically on inventory management.

IMG_1426.JPGSitemapping exercise for Stratus MVP

IMG_1390.JPGInventory counts interface for staff to do at the end of an event at each location.

Paper prototype for doing a mobile cash pickup (drop) at a loction for an event.


  • Participated in on-site and remote interviews and observation sessions.

  • Created Personas to represent users to developers aligned with their user stories.
  • Created Post-it note based workflow model serving as a basis for MVP design for product
  • Sketched aspects of back office software to work with Product Owner to plan system design.

  • Designed wireframes to help guide development efforts.

  • Created paper prototypes (with plans to user-test) with site managers and system users.

  • Created UI specifications for early aspects of system visual design based on UI guidelines at NCR.

screenFlow.pngResponsive thumbnail screenflow of login & landing and items pages.

calendar.pngCalendar view for event data

Calendar view for event data in Mobile view with event data.

eventFlow.pngFlow wireframe/diagram demonstrating how a user can get from screen to screen.

Item list with implementation specifications (specs are 1 page of several–this was specifying the green bar at the top)

Search for inventory items on mobile view

The following are selected various prototypes that were used for testing and specifying designs:

(May take 5-10 seconds to load, non-sketchy area is not part of the design, but from the multi-device icon next to Pages-till in it you can change the viewport size)

Solution & Outcomes: Product had been shelved midway through my work on the MVP.


Timeline: 1 year

UX Methods Used: Contextual Inquiry, Work Flow Analysis, Personas, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Card Sorting