NCR Cinema One


  • NCR Corporation (Alpharetta, GA)
  • UX Designer


Problem: Cinema One was a reboot for a 20 year old product. The legacy product had a lot of functionality that was not being used as it had been designed in an incremental fashion. They were looking for a representation of the user in the design of this new product. This redesigned affected customer facing mobile app and kiosk design, front of house POS design, and back of house enterprise management software. Below are a few examples of the work done for this group.




Sample persona of an accountant working in a theater chain.


Created a cross system view on the ticket/film management & sales flow (different color post its represent different user types).


Sketch of creating a new booking for a film at a site.

page1Annotated.pngSketch and annotations for a mobile app designed for site managers to run operations remotely.

burger_detail1.png Paper prototype testing out concepts for advanced concessions (e.g., burgers with modifiers).

POSflow.pngScreen flow with designs made by our visual design contractors. This laid out the interaction flow for reserved seating on the POS.


  • Led on-site and remote interviews and observation sessions.

  • Created Personas to represent users to developers aligned with their user stories.
  • Used card-sorting technique to organize priority for new features in software.

  • Sketched and wireframed aspects of back office software.
  • Prototyped and user-tested higher fidelity versions of these designs.

  • Created certain UI elements implemented in product.
  • Contributed to product backlogs and helping work with development team to understand designs.

  • Conducted mall intercept studies to learn about movie going patrons and the sorts of experiences they look for in going to the movies.

  • Created wireframes for client requested redesign of kiosk.



booking1c.pngMockup of weekly booking screen for managing what will be playing week to week.

settlement2.pngMockup of film settlement & vendor payment screen to allow accountants to keep track of who they’ve paid film rent to and when.


ticketingSiteBase.pngMockup and prototype for setting and managing ticket prices.

screen2.pngKiosk design mockup specifically here for ticket selection.

The following are selected various prototypes that were used for testing and specifying designs:

Concession Sales
Labor Management
(NCR logo takes you home, check buttons 1 & 3 for manual login)
(May take up to 10 seconds to load)
Ticket Pricing
(start by adding condition types–would come preloaded in from elsewhere in the system)

Solution & Outcomes: Product has been released to three clients, but has not yet reached market release. Kiosk solution is being rolled out to AMC and clients around the country.



Note: These designs were created by visual designers I worked with where I worked with them to maintain the flows and key elements from the prototypes and mockups above.

Picture1.jpgFinal designs for booking screen


welcome-ALT.jpgPOS Clock in screen redesign


Redesign kiosk screen for AMC

Kiosk flow video


Our POS solution at a theater.


Timeline: 2+ year full time engagement

UX Methods Used: Contextual Inquiry, Work Flow Analysis, Personas, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Lean User Testing, Card Sorting