• Ople (Menlo Park, CA)
  • UX Architect


Problem: Ople is a Silicon Valley startup in the deep learning, AI space. I was engaged very early to help create a brand and digital presence for the company to promote its product, a tool to help data scientists optimize their model through an automated rather than a manual process to enable them to increase the amount of projects they could accomplish at once.

persona.pngVenture Capitalist persona used for identifying needs for the website. Follows simple protopersona format: top-left is details, bottom-left is needs and goals, top-right is pain points, bottom-right is site requirements for user and opportunities.
journey.pngThis customer journey follows the flow of the 2 primary personas. It follows Gary (PO) and David (data scientist) from awareness to evaluation to engagement.
wireframes.pngEarly thumbnail wireframes and product flow. First row is landing page and project organization, second row is data formatting and cleaning, third row is model parameterization, final row is optimization results.
Logo exploration process


  • Create proto-personas of data scientists, product managers, and investors
  • Create customer journeys to follow the evaluation process of the tool by data scientists and product managers.
  • Conducted competitive analysis of competitor website elements and comparative analysis of leading SaaS applications and arrived at a backlog of needs for the website.
  • Sketched/photoshopped brand elements: logos, business card concepts, Linked in banners.
  • Created brand colors and fonts exploration document.
  • Created a pitch deck design for the company to help promote itself with investors.
  • Sketched screen flow options and product flow ideas.
  • Prototyped flow of how website content would look.
  • Created product task flow based on a demo from CEO around how related (but different) tool worked and what needed to change.
  • Using Photoshop, created comps of the product based on task analysis.
  • Created content inventory that was collaboratively used by product team, CEO, and myself to create site content.
  • Designed UI of the website and created the website in HTML, CSS, jQuery, and PHP.
Business card template
heroImage2.pngMockup of products results page
clean.pngData cleaning product page after data upload

Solution & Outcomes: Website has been launched in phases (introducing new pages over time) as a marketing and investment portal for the company. Product design has not been taken on yet–they are focused on proving out the product technology first.



UX Methods Used: Competitive Analysis, Comparative Analysis, Personas, Sketching, Brand Design, Prototyping, Content Inventory, UI Design and Development